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The Encino Neighborhood Council 

Our Objectives are: to provide an inclusive open forum for public discussion of issues concerning 

Respect the dignity and expression of viewpoints of all individuals, groups, involved in the neighborhood. 

The Encino Neighborhood Council (ENC) is managed by a governing body comprised of elected volunteers from Encino. We are designed to give stakeholders, who are residents, business owners, employees, members of organizations and other community members a forum for addressing issues important to the Encino community.  The ENC, formerly known as the Encino Community Council, was certified by the City of Los Angeles on October 8, 2002, and the first election was held in July 2003.

The ENC holds our General Council Meeting the 4th Wednesday of each month at the Encino Community Center: 4935 Balboa Blvd. Encino, CA 91316.  At these meetings you will have an opportunity to ask questions and get more information about local developments. How they will affect you, sign petitions, and find out how to get involved. In addition to our General Council Meetings, the ENC has several other committees which meet to discuss various neighborhood issues. To find out more information about these committees and meetings, please visit the Committee and/or Calendar section of our website.

You may subscribe to receive all ENC meeting online agendas from the City of Los Angeles Early Notification System by signing up at:  https://www.lacity.org/your-government/council-votes/subscribe-meeting-agendas/neighborhood-councils

Your Voice! Your Neighborhood! Your City!

Make your Neighborhood Council truly reflective of your Community.

Get Involved with the Encino Neighborhood Council!

Together we can make our community a better place to live, work, and play.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
     -Martin Luther King Jr.

ENC Boundaries:

North - Victory Blvd.,   South - Mulholland Drive,

East - the 405 Freeway,   West - Lindley Ave. to its terminus, then extends southwest (around the terminus of Lake Encino Drive) then southwest following the 91356 / 91316 zip code boundary (where the Avenida Orienta fire road meets Mulholland Drive)

For more information please email us at info@encinonc.org or call our office at 818-971-6996.                

If you have questions for any of our members please email them at email addresses below or to info@encinonc.org.

Encino Neighborhood Council Executive Committee Members:


Debra George email: president@encinonc.org

Vice President:

Victoria Miller email: vp@encinonc.org


Patricia Bates email: treasurer@encinonc.org


Mark Levinson email: secretary@encinonc.org

Sergeant of Arms:

Glenn Bailey email: saa@encinonc.org

Encino Neighborhood Council Representatives (21 Board members):

At-Large Representatives (2)

Henry Eshelman  email: HEshelman@platformgrp.com

Alex Garay   email: alexfgaray@yahoo.com

Apartment/Condo Representative

Sherman Gamson  email: sgamson@socal.rr.com

Business  Representatives (2)

Victoria Miller  email: veMiller@earthlink.net

Samuel Apikyan email: apikyan@natsp.org

Education Representative

Adriohn Richardson email:  encEduRep@gmail.com                  

Park Advocate/Environment Representative

Debra George email:  parkschair@encinonc.org

Alternate: Shelley Billik email: ShelleyBillik@gmail.com

Planning and Land Use Representative

Eliot Cohen email:  ececho@yahoo.com

Public Safety Board Representative

Glenn Bailey email: GlennBaileyENC@yahoo.com         

Religious Organization/Institution Board Representative

Anni Keusseyan  email: anni.keusseyan@yahoo.com

Volunteer Representative

Patricia Bates email:  treasurer@EncinoNC.org

Encino Chamber of Commerce Representative

Mark Levinson email: secretary@encinonc.org

Encino Property Owners Association (EPOA) Representative:

Carol Levin  email: carol.levin1020@gmail.com

Home Owners of Encino (HOME) Representative:

Gerald A. Silver  email: gsilver4@earthlink.net

Encino Neighborhood Council Area Representatives:

(scroll down to view map of Areas) 

Area 1 Representative:

Boundaries: Victory Blvd. (N), Burbank Blvd. (S), Lindley Ave. (W), Balboa Blvd. (E)

Lee Blumenfeld  email: Encleeb@gmail.com

Area 2 Representative: 

Boundaries: Victory Blvd. (N), Ventura Blvd. (S), Balboa Blvd. (W), 405 Freeway (E)

Scott Linden  email: ENCScottLinden@gmail.com

Area 3 Representative:

Boundaries: Burbank Blvd. (N), Ventura Blvd. (S), Lindley Ave. (W), White Oak Ave. (E)

Miriam Davis  email:  encmiriamd@gmail.com

Area 4 Representative:

Boundaries: Burbank Blvd. (N), Ventura Blvd. (S) White Oak Ave. (W), Balboa Blvd. (E)

Jess Whitehill  email:  jessatty@gmail.com

Area 5 Representative:

Boundaries: Ventura Blvd. (N), Mulholland Drive (S), Lindley Ave. to its terminus, the extends southwest (around the terminus of Lake Encino Drive), then southwest following the 91356/91316 zip code boundary (where the Avenida Orienta fire roads meet Mulholland Drive) (W) Louise Ave to its terminus, then a line due south to Mulholland Drive (E)

Diane Rosen  email: diane_rosen@sbcglobal.net

Area 6 Representative:

Boundaries:, Louise Ave. to its terminus, then a line due south to Mulholland Drive (W), Libbit Ave, Noeline Ave, Darcia Place, Garvin Drive, Lanai Road, Hayvenhurst Drive, Ballina Drive, Ballina Canyon Road, Westfall Drive, Dellvale Place, Calneva Drive (E) 

Laurie Kelson  email: pkelsondds@aol.com

Area 7 Representative:

Boundaries: Ventura Blvd (N), Mulholland Drive (S), Libbit Ave, Noeline Ave, Darcia Place, Garvin Drive, Lanai Road, Hayvenhurst Drive, Ballina Drive, Ballina Canyon Road, Westfall Drive, Dellvale Place, Calneva Drive (W), 405 Freeway (E)

Jim Esterle  email: esterle@sbcglobal.net

Encino NC Area Representatives Map


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The Encino Neighborhood Council is made up of individuals from our community who
are interested in improving and maintaining the quality of life of the stakeholders of Encino.

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