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Free Shakespeare at Los Encinos State Historic Park

Posted on 07/04/18

Encino Neighborhood Council

The Los Encinos Docent Association and Los Encinos State Historic Park once again host Shakespeare by the Sea in a free performance in the park.
Saturday, August 4 at 7pm
Presenting The Merry Wives of Windsor – a rollicking comedy which tells of Falstaff’s folly: courting two very mischievous married women at the same time.
Bring a blanket or lawn chair, bring the whole family and enjoy a quality performance under the stars. Come early and watch Blacksmith demonstration.
Picnic meals encouraged. Wine and Beer OK.
There is no public parking on the park grounds. Please park on the street and pay attention to all posted signs.
There is no ADA parking on-site. However, there will be a designated ADA drop-off at the Moorpark gate.
More about Shakespeare by the Sea: http://www.shakespearebythesea.org/wp/
The story is told that Queen Elizabeth really loved the character of Sir John Fallstaff, who served as a ne'er-do-well comic foil to Prince Hal in Henry IV parts one and two. Sir John was killed off at the beginning of Henry V, which annoyed the Queen no end, and so to appease her, Shakespeare wrote a comedy in which he plays a central role.
It's not one of the Bard's more famous works, but it has a simplicity not often seen in his plays, and it is unique in being set entirely in a village in the English countryside, rather than Illyria, Venice, Bohemia, Ancient Rome or some such other exotic locale. A timeline with the other Fallstaff plays would logically put it in the time of Henry IV, more than a century earlier; but every element of the setting and the characters is straight out of the author's own time: the England of Queen Elizabeth I.

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